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Come "Experience Transformation Together." We want to meet you where you are. Let's be honest, going to Sunday Services for the first time is awkward and can be intimidating. Where do I park, where do we sit, songs may be unfamiliar. It is a lot to barrel through. Consequently, worship is not always the first place or the best way to become part of the church. It can be the first and best. But, maybe you are looking for a place to serve or want to learn more about Jesus Christ in a small group. Maybe it's as simple as having a cup of coffee with one of the Pastors.  What we are working so hard to be is a place that transforms individuals and the community. We are hoping to be the kind of place as Fredrick Buechner says, "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger are met."

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Welcome to Our Blog. This is a place to share current thoughts and ideas on various topics of the church. It provides a space to go in-depth on topics or expand on something referenced in a sermon or bible study. Usually, it is an outlet for whatever book I am reading aside from my sermons. I hope it gives you insight into what I am thinking about and you are free to discuss with me anything you find interesting or disagree with. I am always open to learning. 

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