Adopt a Viking and Tailgate Party

Adopt a Viking and Tailgate Party

September 16, 2022 12:00 am


Tailgate Party September 24th, 11 am-1 pm Next to Burns Athletic Complex

The Adopt-A-Viking Program provides a caring "home-away-from-home" experience for MVC international and domestic students who would like to build a friendship with a local family.

American families “adopt” MVC students eager to learn about the American culture and to love them as temporary residents in our community. The Adopt-a-Viking Program matches families with MVC students from around the globe.
Note: All MVC students live in on-campus or off-campus living arrangements. Host
families are NOT financially responsible for their MVC students.
Who can be a Host Family?

Host Families range from single individuals to families with children. They are active members of the community and have a desire to learn more about other cultures. Host Families commit to hosting an MVC Student for one school year (eight months) with the option to continue the career of the student at MVC. The MVC Student can either be a one-year exchange student
or an MVC Student seeking a four-year degree.

Host Family Responsibilities:
● Contact the student by email as soon as you get their information.
● Communicate with your MVC Student on a regular basis.
● Plan an activity with your MVC Student whenever it is convenient.
● Invite the MVC Student into your home and family events.
● Learn about the MVC Student’s culture and country.
● Be a friend to your MVC Student.
● Participate in the Adopt-A-Viking Program and your MVC Students’ events
whenever possible.
● Notify the Adopt-A-Viking Program Coordinator if you have questions, concerns, or exciting news pertaining to your Viking, or you are unable to continue in the program.
MVC Student Responsibilities
● Contact the Host Family as soon as you get their information
● Communicate with your Host Family on a regular basis.
● Promptly return all phone calls/emails from the Host Family.
● Accept invitations from the Host Family whenever possible.
● Share his/her culture with the Host Family and learn from the Host Family about their culture.
● Participate in family events whenever possible.
● Notify the Adopt-A-Viking Program Coordinators if you have questions, concerns, or exciting news, or you are unable to continue in the program.

Examples of Events
Events are enjoyable opportunities to spend time together, and meet your MVC Student’s friends, and experience the American culture together

Events might include:
● Cookouts
● Family dinners
● Hayrides
● Family outings
● Church and church events
● Luncheon
● Kansas City, Columbia, or local events – such as sports, fairs, etc.
● MVC sporting events
● Local Theater
● Shopping, bowling, camping, etc.

What activities can the Host Family and MVC Student Plan?
The following link offers some ideas There are numerous sites on the internet to give you sporting, educational, musical, theatrical, or just plain fun outing ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Family for an MVC Student, please
contact Kim Viquesney ( or Marilyn Ahrens
(, or a student please contact Maddison King

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