A Movement of Every-Day Generosity

It's amazing to see God's creativity, love, and generosity on full display each and every day. Our church family generously gives their time, service, talents, witness, and treasures. We invite you to join us in our movement of everyday generosity!

Each and every act of generosity matters and helps change the lives of others. Everyone's gifts and service are acts of worship that bring us closer to our Creator!

It is important to celebrate the church living out God’s mission to be the hands and feet of Christ in a broken and hurting world. You are invited to give generously, trusting that our gifts work together to create a new history. One that respects the culture, and loves God.

We strive to be great stewards of the gifts you give. Giving can sometimes be a touchy subject for people. Some don't want to talk about it, others want every detail of a budget. Hopefully, what you will find is a church whose ministries you can trust. That you see and hear of lives being changed within the church, and probably more importantly, in the community.

We are continually asking ourselves, how are we improving the things and issues that people value the most? Whether that is youth growth through mentorship, decreasing homelessness, or creating a safe place for people that feel disenfranchised or even rejected for who they are as human beings. I hope you see the difference and become part of the efforts that will make Marshall a better community.  

We have various funds that can be contributed to including general funds that go towards the goals of the church and making a difference in our community. In addition, we have funds that go directly to Building Maintenance, Baby Grace Ministries, our Wish list (see below), and specific funds given in memory of someone that has passed away. 

As referenced above, sometimes people ask if there are small projects they can address themselves, beyond their normal giving. It may be difficult to give towards big projects when you are starting out in life with a partner and kids expenses. So we have put together an ever-changing list of things you can donate towards that will solve immediate problems without redirecting the resources we have targeted to meet our goals of changing lives. These items may eventually become part of the following year's budget, but since there is a request for this communication we have provided the list. 

Some Current Items:

  1. Plastic Chairs - 4 Pack is $140
  2. Lifetime 72" Round Commercial Grade Folding Table, White Granite - $260
  3. Little Giant Velocity Telescoping Ladder 300lb. - $369.99  

You can give online and specify the item in the "Item(s) comment box.

If you have any questions about giving in general or to a particular item feel free to one of the contact options below, including the contact form. 

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