Not only is there a place for you at First United Methodist - Marshall, but there is also a great need for your interests, gifts, skills and time. We believe everyone plays a valuable part in the work of the church and we invite you to get involved. 

A highlighted ministry we have is called "Baby Grace" which gives diapers to those within the community that are struggling to get by with very young children. Sometimes support also includes wipes and detergent. This ministry serves hundreds of families per year. Baby Grace gives out supplies every Thursday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm. 

One way to find your starting point is to identify your spiritual gifts. If you have 25 minutes to give, take the survey and we will work with you to find the place that brings you joy and growth while serving our city and church. Twenty Five minutes may seem long but it is a huge step in getting to know one another and getting you connected to an area that will fill your soul. 

Serving at First United Methodist is usually a time limited commitment. We do not want people to feel stuck in the same ministry if it is no longer brings you joy and helps you grow. That is why, as we work together,  we set a date to revisit whether or not you wish to continue within a certain area. In addition, some events are one time events that allow people to volunteer for a specific event or cause.

There are many opportunities to use your gifts and talents for making our community a better place for all.

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