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Every Sunday we gather together as a community of friends and family. Every Sunday we have a time of celebration with music, prayer, and a life-challenging message. We desire our church to be a place of healing and growth. We support each other very well. We also know each person is unique and their needs and desires are unique. Therefore, whether you start off with only attending a small group, or volunteering or you only desire to worship we will meet you there and walk that journey with you. If you crave jumping in with both feet we will jump in with you. However you are and whomever you are, we welcome you. 

Sunday Service

Every Sunday
9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

We also periodically have New Member Classes. Look for dates and times in all the announcement avenues. 

The Four Weeks consist of:
1: Discovering Our Church Family
2: Discovering My Spiritual Maturity
3: Discovering My Ministry
4: Discovering My Life Mission

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