Your Next Steps

Everyone has a next step. What's yours?

We hope our church can be a place where you connect to others and find a home. Here at First United Methodist - Marshall, we believe in the core values of inclusivity, grace, love, and, above all, Christ's transforming power. We believe in loving without boundaries. Wherever you are in life, whatever struggles you are having, however, you identify, we are a safe place and hopefully a healing place to connect to Christ. We never arrive, but we are committed to walking the journey together. Our dedicated team would love to connect with you, hear more of your story, and help you find the best place to flourish.

We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!


Membership in the church is a public way of saying you are committed to growing and serving while helping others grow and serve. It is not a requirement to participate in the life and sacraments of this church. If you are interested in making it "official" it requires a conversation with Pastor Keith so you will understand the expectations of the church and where we are headed and why we are headed there. After that conversation you would join at the end of a worship service by answering a couple of questions that Pastor Keith will go over with you when you meet. If you have not been baptized, you will need to do that prior to membership. We accept baptisms from 99.9% of churches. And frankly we don't want to have to look up the .1%.

Contact Pastor Keith