Blessed are the crazy - breaking the silence about mental illness in family and church


"Blessed Are the Crazy" is a memoir written by Sarah Griffith Lund, which focuses on her experience with mental illness and how it impacted her life and faith. Some of the key highlights of the book include:

The author's personal struggle with bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts and how it impacted her life and relationships.
The exploration of the intersection of faith and mental illness, including the author's initial reluctance to seek medical treatment for fear of going against her religious beliefs.
The author's experience with the mental health care system and the challenges she faced in finding the right diagnosis and treatment.

The frank discussion of the stigma surrounding mental illness, both within the author's personal life and in society as a whole.
The author's advocacy for greater understanding and empathy towards those struggling with mental illness, and her message of hope and healing for those who may feel hopeless or alone.
The exploration of the author's family dynamics, including her parents' own struggles with mental health issues, and how this impacted her own journey towards recovery.
Overall, "Blessed Are the Crazy" is a powerful and honest account of one person's experience with mental illness, and it has resonated with many readers who have found the author's story to be relatable and inspiring.
Overall, "Blessed Are the Crazy" is a powerful and moving account of one woman's experience with mental illness and her journey toward healing, and it offers valuable insights and perspectives for anyone who has been touched by mental health struggles.
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Posted by Rev. Keith Vessell

Keith is an active clergy member of the United Methodist Church and a licensed social worker. He is also certified in Project Management by the State of Missouri. These tools come together such that Keith can provide a unique experience for leading a congregation.

Keith is a natural leader who knows the right questions and the right time to listen. Keith has a passion for the marginalized in our society. Loving without boundaries and to those that make us uncomfortable is something you will continually hear from him. Keith holds God's grace at the top of his theology. It overcomes all things. His pronouns are He/His. 

Keith and his wife Molly, also a United Methodist Pastor, live in Marshall where they are serving in ministry, corralling their pets and making their children’s eyes roll. When not working, Keith enjoys keeping up with the latest music releases and rooting for Cardinal Baseball. Sorry KC fans. 

He loves reading of all types, church books, mysteries, and literature. He also loves cooking. Pastor Keith is continuing to expand his knowledge, decompressing with some fiction and/or baking. If you ever wish to contribute to that cause feel free to check out his Amazon wish list

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