The Multicultural Church

I finished reading "The Multi-Cultural Church." Here are the highlights that I found interesting.
  • The church needs to reclaim its leadership in the journey of reconciliation. 
  •  How can we help heal the wounds of segregation and separatism?
    • Reconciliation comes from the Greek word dKatallasso, which means "to change."
  • Changing the hearts of God's people is a spiritual matter that is to be handled with care. 
  • It is not just about the pastor. They need a sidekick. Someone that is dependable to "stand with" and "stand in for" the pastor. They are the ambassadors. 
  • The focus of the multicultural ministry is to be a reconciler across a diverse body of believers. 
  • In order to understand you must make an attempt to walk in their shoes. 
  • Teaching and spreading love is the foundation of reconciliation. 
Posted by Rev. Keith Vessell

Keith is an active clergy member of the United Methodist Church and a licensed social worker. He is also certified in Project Management by the State of Missouri. These tools come together such that Keith can provide a unique experience for leading a congregation.

Keith is a natural leader who knows the right questions and the right time to listen. Keith has a passion for the marginalized in our society. Loving without boundaries and to those that make us uncomfortable is something you will continually hear from him. Keith holds God's grace at the top of his theology. It overcomes all things. His pronouns are He/His. 

Keith and his wife Molly, also a United Methodist Pastor, live in Marshall where they are serving in ministry, corralling their pets and making their children’s eyes roll. When not working, Keith enjoys keeping up with the latest music releases and rooting for Cardinal Baseball. Sorry KC fans. 

He loves reading of all types, church books, mysteries, and literature. He also loves cooking. Pastor Keith is continuing to expand his knowledge, decompressing with some fiction and/or baking. If you ever wish to contribute to that cause feel free to check out his Amazon wish list

Most of all, Keith wants to build relationships. He wants to get to know people beyond the "hello in the hallway."


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