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"That's Good News" is written by Shane L. Bishop. This book explores how to talk about Jesus with others when most of us hesitate to share our faith. 

  • His definition of Evangelism is sharing Jesus Christ's message under the Holy Spirit's influence. This is where I think I haven't done a very good job in my career of teaching people how to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is not restricted to those with an exceptional degree. It is necessary for the success of the future church as the laity will be and should be more in charge of the emergence of ministry and doing good.
  • We should reclaim the method of evangelism that is about receiving a life filled with peace, purpose, and passion.
  • Uses Matthew 13 to make a point that God is giving us time to share the gospel before Jesus returns. 
  • Continues with Matthew 13 to utilize the mustard seed parable. God is still active. Do you want to be part of it?
  •  Bishop names 5 mustard seed steps. 1. Gear up - wear your logo etc on shirts, hats, etc. Something that may cause someone to ask you about your church. 2. Get Carded - Have business-sized cards with church information on them. Each member keeps the cards with you. 3. Run the Offense - If someone asks you about your church you can simply say you like it and I give them a card. 4. Pray - Say a short prayer right after that God will touch the life of the person you gave a card to. 5. Preach the Gospel  - Make sure you have opportunities to respond when people are ready.
  • Sharing the Good News means that you are doing the work to be transformed yourself. That's the first real step.
  • Personal invitation is the main and most effective way to get people to try your church.
  • Taking a risk is part of the deal. In invitation and in mission.
  • "There is nothing more threatening to the Kingdom of Heaven than faith at rest."
  • Sharing the Gospel goes from hearing to believing, receiving, confessing, engaging, and sharing.
  • "No greater joy exists in the life of a Christian than leading someone to faith in Jesus Christ."
  • It's a high-volume enterprise. When I talked with the author he told me that probably 1% of those invited come and 1% of those that come to church stay. 
Posted by Rev. Keith Vessell

Keith is an active clergy member of the United Methodist Church and a licensed social worker. He is also certified in Project Management by the State of Missouri. These tools come together such that Keith can provide a unique experience for leading a congregation.

Keith is a natural leader who knows the right questions and the right time to listen. Keith has a passion for the marginalized in our society. Loving without boundaries and to those that make us uncomfortable is something you will continually hear from him. Keith holds God's grace at the top of his theology. It overcomes all things. His pronouns are He/His. 

Keith and his wife Molly, also a United Methodist Pastor, live in Marshall where they are serving in ministry, corralling their pets and making their children’s eyes roll. When not working, Keith enjoys keeping up with the latest music releases and rooting for Cardinal Baseball. Sorry KC fans. 

He loves reading of all types, church books, mysteries, and literature. He also loves cooking. Pastor Keith is continuing to expand his knowledge, decompressing with some fiction and/or baking. If you ever wish to contribute to that cause feel free to check out his Amazon wish list

Most of all, Keith wants to build relationships. He wants to get to know people beyond the "hello in the hallway."


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